Bottle/Can List

(updated 7/22/18)

Agrarian "Persephone"

Alesong "Peche"

Alesong "Rackhouse Reserve" 

Alesong "Raspberry Gose"

Alesong "Mandarina Touch of Brett"

Alesong "Saison du Vin"

Alvarado Street "Haole Punch" 

Avery "Tweak"

Baerlic Wood Worker Old Blood & Guts

Beachwood "Careful With That Apricot Eugene"

Beachwood "Citraholic IPA"

Beachwood "Chaos is a Friend of Mine"

Belching Beaver "B.A. Horchata Imperial Stout"

Belching Beaver "Digital Bath" (4 pk)

Biere Sauvage "Assemblage Numero 1"

Block 15 "Figgy Pudding 2017"

Block 15 "Here comes the Sunshine"

Block 15 "Fresh Flow" 

Block 15 "Wandlepad"

Boone "Marriage Parfait"  

Boneyard "Gooze Cruise"

Breakside "BA Aztec 2017""

Breakside "BA Salted Caramel Stout"

Bruery "White Oak"

Cascade "Pearpawsterous"

Cervesera del Montseny "Mala Vida Brandy"

Clown Shoes "Crasher in the Rye"

Coin Toss "Our Two Cents"

Coldfire "Cumulus Tropicalis" 

Coldfire "Cellar Muse"

Crooked Stave "Motif"

Crooked Stave "Nightmare on Brett"

Culmination "Multnomah County Stout"

de Garde "The Boysenberry"

de Garde F.A.I.L.

de Garde "The Law of Motion"  

De La Senne "Bruxellensis"

De La Senne "Jester Zinne"

De Molen "Hel & Verdoemenis"

Deschutes "The Abyss"

Deschutes "The Abyss: Rum Barrel Aged"

Deschutes "The Ages"

Dri Fonteinen "Beersel Blond"

Edge "Barrel #22"

Evil Twin "Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break " 

Ex Novo "Cocogonuts"

E9 "Amour Aux Myrtilles"

Fantome "Brise-BonBons"

Fantome "Pissenlit"

Fifty Fifty Eclipse Elijah Craig

Finn River "Chimacum Kriek"

Founders "Kentucky Breakfast Stout"

Frederiksdal "Rancio"

Frederiksdal "Sur Lie"

Fremont "Stone Squirrel Coffee Porter" 

Gigantic "B.A. MASSIVE!"

Golden Valley "Rode Distel"

Great Divide "Yetti"

Great Divide "Roadie Radler" 

HaandBryggeriet "Tindved"

Hair of the Dog "Adam"

Hair of the Dog "Fred"

Half Acre"Daisy Cutter"

Half Acre "Pony Pilsner"

Half Acre "Vallejo"

Half Acre "Tuna"

Heater Allen "Sandy Paws"

Holy Mountain "The Goat"

Holy Mountain "The Seer"

Holy Mountain "Vesper"

Horus Aged Ales "Osprey's Fresh Catch"

Jester King "Bier de Coupage"

Jester King "Boxer's Revenge"

Jester King "Das Wunderkind!"

Jester King "Kollaborationsbeir"

Jester King "No Whalez Here"

Jester King "Vernal Dichotomous"

Kyla Hard Kombucha "Ginger Tangerine"

Level Beer "This Ain't Rocket Surgery" 

Loowit Cryptodome BA Barleywine

Lost Abbey “Dead Man’s Game”

Lost Abbey "Devil Went Down To Georgia"

Lost Abbey "Ex Cathedra"

Lost Abbey "Ghosts in the Forest"

Lost Abbey "Track #8"

Lost Abbey "Ten Commandments"

Machine House "Barley Wine"

Marble "Cuvee Rouge"

Matchless "Amplified Turbidity" 

MAtchless "Brewer's Special Sazz"

Matchless "Juice Bomb Units"

Matchless "Spudman IPA"

Matchless "1st Anniversary BA Strong Ale"

Mikkeller/Amager "BA Hr. Fredriksen Vaesel Brunch"

Mikkeller "Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa Shake"

Mikkeller "3X Flat White"

Modern Times "Symmetric Orchestra"

Modern Times "Citadel""

Mother Earth "Autumn B.A. Peanut Butter Stout"

Montucky "Cold Snack"

Mumford "Universal Magnetic"

Oakshire "Hellshire 2018"

Oakshire "Fruit Farm"

Oakshire "Raspberry Sun Made"

Oakshire "Cucumber Sun Made"

Oregon City Brewing "Coming to Fruition Peach"

Perennial   "Hopfentea"

Petrus "Sour Quad"

Pfriem "Abrikoos"

Pfriem "Cognac B.A. Belgian Strong"

Pfriem "Helles"

pfriem "Jammy  Pale"

Pfriem "Scotch B.A. Imperial Brown Ale"

Pfriem "Peche"

Portland Cider Co. "Sangria"

Prairie "Blueberry Boyfriend"

Prairie "Bomb!"

Prairie "Birthday Bomb"

Prairie "Paradise"

Prairie "Pe-Kan"

Prairie "Phantasmagoria"

Prairie "Prairie Noir"

Ritterguts "Gose"

Revision "Glitter Moon with Tiny Unicorns" 

Revision "Mystic Topaz"

Revision "Reno as Fuck" 

Revision "State of Haze" 

Revision "Whole lotta Ruckus"

Santiam "Bloody Hell DIPA"

Scaldis Peche

Shattered Oak Blood of the Vanquished Whiskey

Sierra Nevada BA Bigfoot with ginger

Sierra Nevada "BA narwhal 2015"

Smog City "Brix Layer"

Snowdrift Cider Cliffbreaks

Sound Brewing BA Monk's Indiscretion

Stickman "Cloudy With a Chance of El dorado" 

Stone "Farking Wheaton W00tstout"

Structures "Isolation"

Struise "Rio Reserva"

Smog city "Brix Layer"

Swift Cider "Marionberry Cider"

Three Magnets "2nd Anniversary Sour"

Three Magnets "A lil Shigfaced"

Three Magnets "Galactus"

Three Magnets "Kravato"

Three Magnets "Kravato Borracho"

Three Magnets "Little Juice Smoothie Edition"

Tilquin "Stout Rullquin"

TRVE "Restarter"

Upland "Crimson"

Upland "Pearpawsterous"

Upright "Bioacoustic Blend"

Upright "Ives Batch 1"

Upright "Ouvrir"

Upright "Shades 2017"

Wander "Doglost Pilsner"

Wander "Thunderboom DIPA"

Wolves & People "Melonette"

Wolves & People "Pesca"

Wolves & People "Sebastian Plumb"

Wolves & People "Tractor Pull"

2 Towns Made Marion