Bottle/Can List

(updated 12/13/17)

Ablis "Lemon Ginger CBD Soda”

Alesong "Cherry Parliament"

Alesong "Four Brothers Quad"

Alesong "Here Comes the Sun"

Alesong "Kind of Blue"

Alesong "Oregon Honey"

Alesong "Saison du Vin"

Alesong "Terroir Pinot Gris"

Alesong "Touch of Brett Mosaic"

Alesong "Vanilla Rhino Suit"

Amager/Jester King "Danish Metal"

American Solera "Ground Shaking"

Anchorage/Mikkeller AK Alive

Avery "Tweak"

Baerlic Harshmellow Mtn

Baerlic Wood Worker Old Blood & Guts

Baerlic Wood Worker Black Grove

Baird and Dewar Consitution

Baird and Dewar Farmhouse Cider

Beachwood Chaos is a Friend of Mine

Beachwood Everything is Nothing w/a Twist

Biere Sauvage Assemblage Numero 1

Block 15 Autumn Farmhouse

Block 15 Ferme de la Ville Provision 2017

Block 15 Figgy Pudding 2017

Bock 15 Prophecies

Bocker Cuvee de Jacobin

Bruery Melange 14

Bruery Poterie

Bruery White Oak

Cascade Apricot

Cascade Manhattan NW

Cascade Sang du Chene

Claim 52 "Fluffy" 4 pk

Claim 52 "Westside IPA" (4 pk)

Clown Shoes "Crasher in the Rye"

Commons "Biere Royal"

Commons "Flemish Kiss"

Crazy Mountain "Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine" (4pk)

Crooked Stave "Le Brett d'Or"

Crooked Stave "Motif"

Crooked Stave "Nightmare on Brett"

Crooked Stave "Raspberry Origins"

Culmination "Foed for Thought"

Culmination "Multnomah County Stout"

de Garde Anianish

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis

Deschutes "The Abyss: Rum Barrel Aged"

Double Mountain Peche Mode

Draii Laag "Geestelijke"

Epic Big Bad Baptist

Epic Triple Barrel Baptist

Evil Twin "Even More Coco Jesus" 

Ex Novo "Ex Ex"

Ex Novo "Nevermore"

E9 Nefelibata

E9 Selcouth

E9 Tayberry Farmhouse

Fantome Dalmatienne

Fantome Vertignasse

Feckin "De Los Muertos Milk Stout"

Fifty Fifty Eclipse Elijah Craig

Finn River FinnFlusseWeisse

Finn River "Saison Cider"

Foggy Ridge Cider First Fruit

Founders "Backwoods Bastard" 

Founders "Breakfast Stout" (4 pk)

Fort George "City of Dreams" (4 pk)

Fort George/Finn River "Shady Grove"

Frederiksdal "Rancio"

Frederiksdal "Sur Lie"

Fremont "B-Bomb"

Fremont Winter Ale

Gigantic "B.A. MASSIVE!"

Golden Valley BA Old Relic

Goose Island Halia

Grimm Boysen Raspberry POP!

Grimm Super You

Grimm Sumi Cacao

Green Bench "Rougettes"

HaandBryggeriet "Tindved"

Hair of the Dog Adam

Hair of the Dog Fred

Heater Allen "Coastal"

Heater Allen "Sandy Paws"

Holy Mountain "The Goat"

Holy Mountain "The Hart"

Holy Mountain "Witchfinder"

Huginn Muninn "Rasberry Lime Sour"

Jester King Biere de Miel

Jester King Boxer's Revenge

Jester King Funk Metal

Jester King Kollaborationsbeir

Jolly Pumpkin "La Parcela"

Lagunitas "Willettized" (6 pk)

Laurelwood "Santa's Woody"

Libertine Get Pitted

Libertine Ladder de Fruit

Logsdon Cerasus

Logsdon The Conversion

Logsdon Far West Vlaming

Logsdon Zuur Pruim

Loowit Cryptodome BA Barleywine

Loowit Dwarven Forge BA Imperial Red

Lost Abbey “Dead Man’s Game”

Lost Abbey "Devil Went Down To Georgia"

Lost Abbey "Ex Cathedra"

Lost Abbey "Ghosts in the Forest"

Lost Abbey "Gift of the Maji"

Lost Abbey “Gnoel de Abbey”

Lost Abbey "Red Poppy"

Lost Abbey "Serpent's Stout"

Lost Abbey "Track #8"

Lost Abbey "Ten Commandments"

Machine House "Barley Wine"

Matchless "Crosby Hop Farm Sterling"  (4 pk)

Matchless "What the Fruit IPA"

Marble "Cuvee Rouge"

Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake

Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Apricot

Mikeller "Mastadon Mother Puncher"

Mikkeller "Prince and the Pauper"

Mikkeller 3X Flat White

Modern Times City of the Sun (4 pk)

Modern Times Cold Brew Coffee

Modern Times Cold Brew Coffee Nitro

Modern Times Cold Brew Costa Rican

Modern Times: Fortunate Sun (4 pk)

Modern Times "Monsters in the Park: Mexican Hot Chocolate"

Modern Times Symmetric Orchestra

Mother Earth "Autumn B.A. Peanut Butter Stout"

Montucky Cold Snack

Oakshire Hellshire VII

Oakshire "B.A. Apple Porter"

Pasteur St. "Passion Fruit Wheat"

Perennial "Abraxas" 

Perennial "Glitter and Gold"

Pelican "Golden Pelican"

Petrus Sour Quad

Pfriem BBA Imperial Stout

Pfriem Oud Bruin

Port Brewing "Nelson The Greeter" (4 pk)

Prairie "Christmas Bomb!"

Revision Brewing "Distance HAze" (4 pk)

REvision Brewing Dr. Lupulin (4 Pk)

Revision Brewing "Leafy Greens"

Ritterguts Gose

Rogue Dead 'N' Dead (BA Dead Guy)

Santiam Pirate Stout Govna's Reserve

Scaldis Peche

Schooner Exact BA WDSMN 20114

Schooner Exact BA WDSMN 2015

Shattered Oak Blood of the Vanquished Pinot

Shattered Oak Blood of the Vanquished Whiskey

Sierra Nevada BA Bigfoot with ginger

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Sint Bernardus Gift Pack

Sint Bernardus Abt 12

Six Point 3 Beans (4 pk)

Snowdrift Cider BA Cornice

Snowdrift Cider Red Cider

Snowdrift Cider Cliffbreaks

Sound Brewing BA Monk's Indiscretion

Stone 2017 "Farking Wheaton W00tstout"

Structures "Isolation"

Struise Rio Reserva

Sun River "Cocoa Cow Milk Sout"

Swift Cider Marionberry Cider

Three Magnets "2nd Anniversary Sour"

Three Magnets "Whoo Hoo DIPA"  (4 PK)

Timothy Taylor Landlord Pale Ale

Tois Dames Sin Fontera

Upright "Billy the Mountain 2016"

Upright "Fantasia 2017"

Upright "Ives"

Upright "Oregon Native"

Upright "Ouvrir"

Upright "Pathway Saison"

Upright "Shades"

Upright "Tanner 16"

Wingman "Stratto Fortress"

Wolves & People "Melontte"

Wolves & People "Sebastian Plumb"

Wolves & People "Tractor Pull"

10 Barrel Rose Bois

2 Towns Made Marion